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1 lb Agate, Botswana tumbled stones

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Botswana Agate is a lucky grounding and protecting stone. A calming energy which makes it great when dealing with loneliness, grief or loss. It will bring comfort for people that get hurt easily, because it encourages you to find solutions to your own problems. Botswana Agate can help with balance and provide you with inner stability, especially when everything feels like its falling apart. An excellent stone for both physical and mental ailments, as it promotes treatment of causes rather than just symptoms. Working with Botswana Agate: Pair with Goldstone to reach financial goals, place in you or your child's pocket as it has been known to aid in overcoming bullying, give as a gift to a pregnant woman or someone wanting to concieve, pair with a purple crystal to harmonize your ying and yang, giving you better mind and body function. Sold by approximate weight - not stone size or count. From China.
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