A carpenter holds a hammer, a Preacher holds a cross, and a pentacle lays on your altar. In Wicca, ceremonial tools are used to create a stronger focus of your intention. Symbols, shapes, and colors all hold meaning and play a part in projecting your intent through a Wiccan ritual. For now, let’s begin with the basic Wiccan supplies found on an altar.

Essential Wiccan Supplies


The Athame is a double edged knife that often has a black handle. This tool can be used to cast a circle, but never to harm. It’s one of the four elemental Wiccan supplies, representing Fire.


The bell is a Wiccan ritual tool used in invocation and banishment. A bell will drive away negativity and also keeps evil spirits at bay. Some say that evil spirits cannot tolerate the piercing sound of a clear, high-pitched bell.


Also known as besoms, brooms are used to purify and protect casting area before performing magick. Part of a ritual is sweeping away negative energies and astral build-up.


Candles are essential witchcraft supplies frequently used on the altar to represent the God and Goddess. When in the four corners of a ritual circle, candles represent the four elements: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. Almost all Wiccan rituals require the burning of candles.


The cauldron is still in use within Wiccan rituals. Witches use a cauldron on a ritual circle or altar to burn items (incense, for example), to hold the ingredients for a spell, scrying/divination using water, or traditionally, as a container for making potions.


A chalice’s primary purpose is to hold water or wine to drink after a ritual. The chalice you use can be a traditional goblet, or even a mug or cup. It’s one of the four elemental Wiccan supplies, representing Water.

Crystals & Gemstones

Much like candles, crystals play a significant role in most Wiccan rituals. Crystals are associated with different elemental properties, and each has different magickal properties and attributes.


A witch burns incense during a ritual, which can be in any holder or burner. Spells and rituals use a wide range of incense for different purposes, many of the raw materials holding value.


The pentacle is a powerful and protective symbol in Wiccan practices. The pentacle’s use is to cleanse yourself, your surroundings, and all other items on your altar. It’s one of the four elemental Wiccan supplies, representing Earth.

It’s important to note that a Pentacle and a Pentagram are different. The Pentagram is a standalone five-point star, where the Pentacle is the five-point star inside a circle.


The wand that you use can be wood, bone, or even metal. A witch’s wand is a very personal item. It is used in rituals, healing, and spell-casting. A wand is also a tool in bestowing of blessings and the charging of objects. It’s one of the four elemental Wiccan supplies, representing Air.