There are many types of Wiccan rituals. They are performed when celebrating the Sabbats, honoring deities and working magic spells. Often these Wiccan rituals take place during a full moon, or in some cases a new moon, otherwise known as Esbats. Many Wiccans write their own rituals for special occasions in their life.

In typical Wiccan rituals, the coven or solitary Wiccan assembles inside a cleansed circular space created through a metaphysical procedure known as “Casting a Circle”. Once the circle is cast, a seasonal ritual may be performed, prayers to the God and Goddess are spoken, and ritual spellwork is performed using specialized ritual supplies. It can include raising a cone of power for the purposes of sending healing or other magic to persons outside of the sacred space.

Below are basic steps for performing Wiccan rituals, however, Wicca is a wonderfully flexible religion with only one law which is expressed in The Wiccan Rede. Because of this flexibility, practitioners can remodel these step to meet their own needs. There is no right way or wrong way to do a ritual, but most practitioners agree that these steps should be included in every Wiccan ritual.

  1. Prepare for your ritual
    1. Identify your goal
    2. Write down the ritual in your Book of Shadows
    3. Write down any incantations you want to use
    4. Gather your ritual supplies and put them within reach inside your circle
    5. Decide what music to play during the ritual, if any
  2. Perform a cleansing
    1. Cleanse yourself
    2. Cleanse your ritual tools
    3. Cleanse your ritual space
  3. Ground yourself
  4. Cast a Circle
  5. Call to the Watchtowers and Elements
  6. Invoke the Deity or Deities your ritual calls for
  7. Invite any spiritual guides you wish to be present
  8. Raise your energy
  9. Perform the spellwork as you wrote it in your Book of Shadows
  10. Thank and release the Deities
  11. Thank and release the Watchtowers
  12. Thank and release the spiritual guides and/or elements
  13. Close the circle
  14. Ground yourself again